Our Mission

ITgirls Tech is dedicated to empowering and educating busy business owners. We strive to make authentic connections and infuse the machine world with a greater sense of humanity. By placing people as our highest priority, we help others discover easy ways to use technology and the web to magnify their individual gifts. Our ultimate goal is to bring each tech-empowered client joy and prosperity in life and the ability to spread his/her brilliance to his/her work and the global community.




IMG_3893 editAmanda Mayberry, Chief Operating Officer and Business Manager

A project manager, Amanda has worked in industries as varied as chemical engineering and advertising.  In addition to being an organizer extraordinaire, she loves analyzing and solving problems.  In her previous work as an engineer, she was tasked with communicating with people with considerable and absolutely no technical expertise, and she credits that experience with helping her learn how to communicate complex concepts in using simple language.

She enjoys exercise, reading about music and the brain, and spending time with her two younger brothers.



PalomaPaloma Rosenbaum, Founder & Chief Executive Officer

Though she studied social science in college, Paloma finds joy in technologies of all kinds. She spent her childhood surrounded by computers of many different shapes and sizes. She loves taking things apart (and putting them back together!) and developed an interest in graphic design and web development about five years ago.

In addition to her passion for technology, she is an avid traveler and lover of cities, urban hiking and public transportation.